[Repost from July 21, 2016]

For my husband’s 30th birthday I thought I would write about one of his favorite places in the whole world, his home town: Excelsior, Minnesota. Despite the fact that I grew up 45 minutes away, I never visited Excelsior until I met him and I immediately fell in love. Excelsior contains everything we love in a city – a cute main street lined with shops, right on a lake (Lake Minnetonka, ever heard of it?), and great local restaurants and shops! Here are some of our favorite places:

I love the quaint charm of this city. The streets are filled with fun shops including an oil shop as pictured, clothing shops, a music shop,  a book shop, movie theater, hair salon, art studio, and even an antique shop where a cat lives. You can usually see him sleeping through the window after close. There is something for everyone in this town!

What’s the best part about being an adult – dessert first! Our favorite ice cream shop, Licks, serves homemade ice cream in all sorts of fun flavors!

A fun way to see Excelsior/Lake Minnetonka is by taking a leisurely stroll on the historical Minnehaha steamboat. Fun fact: this boat lay at the bottom of Lake Minnetonka as it was no longer being used due to the popularity of automobiles back in 1926. It was resurrected in 1980 and took 16 years to before it was ready to operate again.

Bayside Grill is one of our favorite restaurants in Excelsior, just a short walk from the main road. It’s located on a beautiful dock overlooking the lake. Sometimes they even have live bands, once I even participated in a karaoke contest! They also have an event center mainly for weddings, and they offer many cruises on the lake for purchase.

Excelsior has many great restaurants including The Suburban (mac n’cheese pizza – yes please), Lagos Tacos, Coalition, Maynards (I recommend the Excelsior sandwich), and more. It is a must see in Minnesota!

I never tire of visiting this charming city, and my husband and I hope to live here some day!