[Repost from September 2, 2016]

My husband and I just reached our goal of hitting 50 countries by entering Prague! We are absolutely obsessed with Europe, and this city checked off all the boxes of things we love about Europe. From it’s ancient architecture, delectable cuisine, and great night life. Here are some recommendations on what to do when in Prague!

Where to Stay: We stayed in a very convenient and safe hotel, the Golden Deer. It was a very big room compared to most European hotels. It had high ceilings and even a large jacuzzi tub! A large buffet breakfast was included. The best part was it was just a short block away from the main square.

If there happens to be a soccer game on this is a great cultural experience to witness. We were fortunate enough to be in Prague when the Euro 2016 final was being played. It was so fun to go to the bar surrounded by people from all over the world cheering like mad!

What do do: The main attraction to Prague is it’s beautiful buildings including the St. Vitus Cathedral, Astronomical clock, the Charles Bridge, Jewish district and the Prague Castle. You can view the city by foot, cruise, horse and carriage, or old fashioned convertible!

Check out the art! Pictured to the left is the famous Lennon wall who history is fascinating read more about it here. Check out the Beneficial Brick Exchange which is a cool display of painted blocks that you can contribute to to help people with special needs pictured below. There are also a plethora of strange statues to view in Prague including the Franz Kafka statue.

What to eat: We enjoyed splitting a typical meat platter that included bratwurst, dumplings, duck and chicken surrounded by very flavorful sauerkraut.  Your typical Italian food was also very common, I had parmesan spinach gnocchi which was delicious! A famous desert in Prague is the Trdelnik which is basically ice cream on a donut cone. Now why didn’t I think of making that?!

Side note: You do not need to dress up at night clubs here – I was clearly overdressed in this pic. Just pull on some shorts and a shirt and sandals and you are good to go!

Where is the nightlife: Prague has a plethora of night clubs. One of my favorites being the famous Karlovy Lazne. This club has 5 floors with something new and fun on each one including hip hop, dance music, oldies, chill music, and even a floor with an oxygen bar and ice bar! Be prepared to wait in line on the weekends, and by line I mean a couple hours! Or just come early on a Sunday (and by early I mean 11 since clubs stay open all night) and beat the rush!