Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

Hello from Thailand! This is a country we first visited 3 years ago, and have not stopped talking about since we left! Our first stop was the Island of Koh Phangan. The start of our trip did not turn out how we expected. I (Jenny) was diagnosed with a temporary case of Bell’s Palsey. This condition is caused  from stress (which isn’t surprising), and means I am unable to use any of the muscles on one side of my face. Thankfully I was able to get medication for this while on our layover in Atlanta, and hoping it will clear up soon! I can assure you I won’t let it stop me from enjoying our trip! After Atlanta we traveled on Qatar airlines and had a 10 hour layover in Doha, Qatar and an almost 24 hour layover in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. After 4 days of travel, 5 flights and a 2 hour ferry ride we finally made it to Thailand!

Our first priority while in Thailand was getting one of our favorite meals – pad thai. It is only 50 baht which is only $1.50 to put it into perspective. Needless to say we have been eating it every day since. Our stay happened to coincide with the famous Full Moon party, which gathers as much as 30,000 people! We were fortunate enough to stay in the action of it all in a hostel just steps away from Haad Rin beach. Our first impression of our place was not the best as we chose location over cleanliness. We were first greeted by who we liked to call “Ronny the roach” in our room. Who liked to make random appearances in our room, including one time in my towel! The shared bathroom toilet was often clogged as it didn’t actually flush but instead you had to dump water in to get it to flush. The shower water was cold, but was also refreshing with the hot weather. We considered moving, but due to the busy season everything close by was sold out! So we made the best of it. Thankfully we were fortunate enough to have air conditioning, but the remote was lost so we couldn’t adjust the temperature. On the plus side the staff was very friendly. The bartender’s demeanor reminded us of captain Jack Sparrow. Needless to say we didn’t spend much time at our hostel, as we were too busy enjoying our time on the beach (when it wasn’t raining), or going to Full Moon events throughout the week. We enjoyed meeting people from all over the world while enjoying a famous full moon bucket, and getting decked out in bright colored clothing for this black light party. It is a must do when in Thailand!

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After 5 days of travel we finally made it to paradise!

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