Koh Samui, Thailand – Part 1

Our third island stop was the largest of the 3 islands called Koh Samui. The reality that we are staying for the long haul sunk in when we had to have our laundry done for the first time. Notice how I said “had to” as if having someone else do you laundry is a chore when in fact it was wonderful! I could get used to paying about $7 to have someone wash, dry and fold my 2 loads of laundry! Our first stop in Koh Samui was the bustling town of Chaweng. You know you’re back in town when you have guys trying to sell you work suits everywhere you go, and they are very persistent! We stayed at a well known nightlife hotel recommended to us by a fellow backpacker called Ark Bar. It reminded me of a small version of Vegas on the beach (minus the casinos). It had 3 pools right on the ocean! This beach is great for long walks as it is over 4 miles long. It also has a reef to keep the waters a bit more calm so it was great for swimming.


Everyday at 2 the DJ started playing at the main pool and the music kept going until 2 a.m. when the party moved from the pool to the beach. The beach parties were highly entertaining! Dancers and fire shows accompanied the beat of the music until late until the night. There is a also a fun street not to far away packed with bars and nightclubs.


At the end of the night you of course have to stop for a late night snack. I made the poor choice of getting soup from a stand which made me sick the next day. I knew this was bound to happen at some point. Thankfully we just had laying around the pool on the agenda.  It was not fun staying at the hotel the second night and trying to have an early night and hearing the pounding of the music just steps from our room. So after 3 nights of nightlife (well 2 we were awake for), we opted to go to a more chill scene. Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!