Koh Samui, Thailand – Part 2

Our second stay in Koh Samui was vastly different from the first. Just a mere 20 minute taxi ride brought us to a nice and quiet bungalow on the Lamai beach. Our resort was called Samui Harmony Resort. Resort wasn’t really the word I would use to describe it however. It was a small hodge-podge of bungalows all smooshed together with random twisty and turning walkways connecting them. We decided to go with the cheapest bungalow where we could still get Air Conditioning (#spoiled) at $20 a night and as we are on a budget. We we’re pleasantly surprised when it happened to have an ocean view when it wasn’t guaranteed! The inside reminded me of the family cabin. I miss the cabin. The bathroom was nothing to write home about, it was so small when you showered the water sprayed all over the sink and toilet and flooded the floors of the bathroom. At least the water was hot πŸ™‚ After being burnt from laying at the pool the days before, we took this opportunity to enjoy the shade whilst still lathering on SPF 50 just to be safe. (Rob’s mom would be proud). This was the Thailand I was picturing. We ordered some spring rolls and papaya salad from the restaurant on sight. They were delightful! We decided to walk into town that night. We asked to take a cab, and our hotel owner acted like we were crazy since the town was only a 15 minute walk. I’m sure she was thinking ‘Lazy Americans.’ So we walked. We could definitely use the exercise after all the pad thai we’ve eaten. We were craving pizza. We had a terrible pizza experience in Koh Phangaan where it tasted like cardboard. I miss Pizza Hut. After walking around amorously for about an hour we finally discovered an Italian restaurant! You know the pizza is good when you have to wait for it. It was worth the wait. Sure it didn’t have all the cheese and sauce like American pizza, but it was definitely made in a pizza oven and that works for me!

Rob’s face says it all

After a second day of laying around and doing a whole lot of nothing we decided to get massages on the beach. It is amazing the amount of massage places are here! Just to preface I’m not a huge fan of massages. I know I’m weird. My idea of a good massage is my cats kneading my back. Just light and soft πŸ™‚ We walked along the beach until we found two nice ladies, may have been mother and daughter, that were thrilled we wanted to get massages. We negotiated to have a traditional Thai massage for a half hour rather than the usual hour. Well Rob was basking in his glory next to me, as I was writhing in pain. I asked her to go softer but not sure if she understood as it just felt harder. I didn’t mind the part where they walked on our backs and stretched out our bodies, that was nice. Overall I wouldn’t do it again, but I’m sure Rob will πŸ™‚

Barely able to stop laughing long enough to take a picture πŸ™‚

After we walked back into town and stumbled across a market of food stands where we of course ordered the typical Pad Thai – cause you can’t go wrong! It is funny that pad thai has had a different flavor each island we have been too. I was sweating to death as we watched the lady cook our meal over the hot pan in the heat of the night. It reminded me of an episode of Superstore we watched recently where the heat is so high in the store that everyone gets irritated with each other. That is me. Hangry and irritated due to the heat. Thankfully after a belly full of pad thai I’m good to go! Next stop we stumble upon the tanks of fish that eat the dead skin off your feat. We have been talking about doing this since our last time in Thailand when Rob refused to do it cause the lady wouldn’t negotiate pricing. Thankfully this lady was willing to barter so she got our business! Of course we are both very ticklish so the second our feet hit the water the giggles ensued! (check our our video on Facebook). Needless to say we had an audience in seconds lining up for their turn. Your welcome for providing more business πŸ™‚

Our time in Thailand is done for now. Now it’s time to journey to Cambodia. Read about our crazy adventure getting their soon!