Mui Ne, Vietnam

After traveling through Cambodia and the big city in Vietnam it was nice to get back to the beach!

Our chill hostel pool

Or really I should say the pool, because our hostel had a super nice and large pool. Our hostel was called Mui Ne Backpacker Village. It had a nice chill vibe. My favorite thing about this hostel is that it had a ping pong table!

The ocean was about a 10 minute walk and was filled with kite surfers. So it wasn’t the best place to swim as the water was very choppy. But it if you are looking to kite surf this is one of the top places to go! Although I guess it takes about 9 hours of lessons at about $60 a pop so can be a time and money consuming hobby! Needless to say we did not try it with our lack of time and money. But we enjoyed watching the professionals jump the waives!

This was the coldest weather we have encountered so far – at a mere 77 degrees lol. So I ordered a spicy coconut soup for dinner to warm up 🙂 Rob ordered Spaghetti Arribiata which was quite delicious! Later that night we went to a night club with a group from our hostel. The night club was filled with Russians, we were told this is a common vacation spot for Russians. On our walk back we had to dodge the rats running from the garbage bags when we would walk by, they were massive!

The crazy rock formations on our walk down the Fairy Stream

The next day we went on an awesome tour that only cost $5 bucks! It started with a walk through the very shallow Fairy Stream. It had really cool red and white rock formations and sand spilling out into the shallow flow of water. At the the end there was a tiny waterfall.

View of all the fishing boats and the catch for the day

The next stop was the fishing village. The water was filled with boats. On our walk to the beach a cute little girl was selling shells. We asked to have our picture taken by another person in our group and the little girl jumped in the picture – so of course we gave her some money for making our picture so much cuter 🙂 Once we got down to the beach area I saw round boats that I had never seen before. Apparently they use these boats to paddle out to the big boats. We also saw the most perfect shells we had ever seen. It was hard not to collect them, but we knew they would just end up breaking in our bags and we really don’t have the space. Dead crabs, snails, hermit crabs, and random pieces of fishing equipment littered the beach around the beautiful shells.

Our ride for the day!

The next stop was the best stop of all. It was the white Sand Dunes. We had to pay about $1 per person to get into the park. We decided to rent an ATV with a fellow German named Flo we met on our tour. The haggling of a price was a little stressful as we kept talking to different people and could never get a straight answer. This is an example of where a simple sign could save the workers and the tourists hours of confusion and stress. We finally got one of the bigger ATV’s that could accommodate all 3 of us. It was around $10 per person. One of the workers was riding on the side as Rob drove first. We thought he was just riding with us up to the top because someone up there needed help. Once we reached the first stop at the top of a massive sand dune we discovered that he came with us to drive each of us individually down the massive sand dune and then on a roller coaster like ride through the dunes. The initial drop was probably around 40 feet or so and from there he took you up and down multiple other dunes with nearly straight drops! Flo went first so Rob and I were waiting for him to come back debating if we could do it as it looked pretty scary. In the end we decided you only live once and one of the reasons for this trip was to get out of our comfort zone sometimes. Rob went next and I went last and it was amazing! After that adrenaline rush Flo drove us to the next stop which was a beautiful look out point over a lake right by the dunes. Then I drove us back to the entrance. It was an amazing experience! If you haven’t yet make sure to check out the GoPro video made of this day. He posted it on Facebook a few days ago and is pretty proud of it! He has shown it to pretty much every person we have met heading to Mui Ne 🙂

Jumping the Dunes at Sunset

Our final stop was at the red sand dunes for the sun set. Although not a deep deep red these were still very beautiful. The group we were with had fun jumping of the edges of the dunes and sliding down for pictures. Needless to say by the time the beautiful sun had set behind the dunes we were all bringing lots of the dunes back with us in our pockets and clothes. The shower after felt amazing once we were back from a fun action backed sightseeing day!

We had an early bus to our next stop up in the mountains of Vietnam. Read about that stop soon as we are really trying to get caught up with where we are! 🙂