Hoi An, Vietnam

This was one of our favorite cities in Vietnam. It’s known for it’s tailor-made clothes and beautiful lanterns throughout old town. We arrived at about 7 a.m. from our loooong night bus. We stayed at Sunflower hostel, as it was recommended by many other back packers. We grabbed some chairs by the pool while I did some travel agent work and Rob blogged. We met some girls by the pool from Europe.

Taking a break from the bikes to lay on a water buffalo

One of the girls we had met at our hostel in Da Lat was on the bus with us, and another girl from Sweden invited us to bike to the beach with them. We rented Bikes for less than a dollar each, and it was about a 1 hour bike ride to the beach. On the way we passed many rice fields, and were even invited to sit on a water buffalo! Of course after we did they wanted to charge us 200 dong, which is absurd so I just gave them 20.

Beach Day!

We laid out at the beach for about an hour, but it was overcast so we decided to go to old town. It happened to be women’s day so you got a free glass of wine with your meal! I ordered a tuna salad and it was delicious. We window shopped the many stores they had that were selling everything from suits, shoes to leather bags.

Cao Lao a local pork dish

That night we went to a restaurant near our hostel to try some traditional Hui An food. We ordered White Rose as an appetizer which is type of dumpling. We shared Cao Lao, which is noodles pork and local greens. Both these dishes are only found in Hui An, and are worth the trip!

Kisses under the lanterns

The next day we chilled by the pool most of the day, and headed to the old town at night. On our way I ended up buying a romper from a lady who kept telling me how beautiful my body was, so how could I say no?! lol Once we reached old town we were amazed at how beautiful it was at night. It was set along the river with floating lit lanterns, and many lanterns covering the city. We ate dinner at a small table right on the river, and were surprised when the server put 2 strangers next to us – but this Asia and there is no such thing as a personal bubble. We ordered pork on a stick and Pho. Thankfully the people next to us were Vietnamese so we could watch how to properly eat our pork by rolling it up in rice paper with the vegetables, and dipping in chili sauce.

Lights along the river

Next we went to see more lanterns and light up creatures  (like the dragon above) that were on the other side of the river. There was also a market nearby where I bargained for some cute pink earrings! We could not get enough of taking pictures of the lanterns!

The next day we took it easy by the pool again until it was time to catch a flight to Hanoi. We were so happy not to have to get in a bus again!