Hanoi, Vietnam

We were very happy to be able to fly from Hoi An to Hanoi in just an hour rather than taking the bus for about 17 hours – thanks but no thanks. We decided to take an uber from the airport to our hostel because we read that sometimes taxi drivers will take you to other hotels and say that you’re hotel wasn’t operating anymore to try to get more money. We arrived to our hostel pretty late, but weren’t tired so we took the time to blog, work and catch up on some tv shows 🙂

The flowers make the smog a little less noticiable

The next day we were greeted with what we thought was fog, but later learned it was smog! Apparently it’s really common here. So needless to say it was a dreary day, but at least it wasn’t raining! This city was much less touristy than other places, so we stood out like a sore thumb. On our walk a guy pointed at Rob’s shoe, but we weren’t sure why. Than he proceeded to try to “repair” a small hole in it by applying glue. To which Rob firmly stated “No, I don’t want that. I like it that way.” As we knew he was just trying to do this to get money. We were also asked to buy donuts from many ladies selling them in their baskets. At one point we couldn’t figure out if the same lady was asking each time.


Flower Festival

We took a nice stroll around the lake, and saw there was some kind of festival going on. So we stopped and saw many locals taking pictures around the flowers, it was very beautiful! There were also many ladies dressed in traditional Asian gowns.

20170311_133425 (1)

Next we walked to the french quarter. There were lots of cute restaurants and shops. And there was a beautiful church in which a class was graduating. One came up to us to say hi and seemed extremely excited to practice his English. We ate a little restaurant near the church that had some of the best noodles and spring rolls we have had so far! Because it was such a dreary day we decided to treat ourselves. Rob got a message while I get eyelash extensions – and the best part is we got a deal for both going at the same time and got to be in the same room!


That night we decided to do something we have never done before – eat at a chain restaurant! After 6 weeks of Thai and Vietnamese food we were craving American. So we walked 10 minutes to get Dominos 🙂 We were pleasantly surprised with how good it was! Of course it doesn’t have as much sauce and cheese as back home, but it was nice to eat something familiar. On the way back we walked through the night market in which I tried to find jean shorts. Of course I had to go for the extra large since everyone in Asia is so tiny – and they were actually charging more for larger sizes! One seller let me try on the shorts in a random dark room behind the rack of clothes. He was very disappointed when I didn’t buy them.

The next day we left for a 3 day getaway to Halong Bay. Read more about that next!