Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang was a drastic change from Vang Vieng. It had a much quieter and relaxed feel. We were pleasantly surprised to find how nice our hotel was! Very spacious with large windows that had a view of a temple on the mountain! And bonus – the bed was nice and soft.

Biggest avocado I have ever seen!

We arrived in the evening so we hit the night market. I was so thrilled to see they had avocados since they can be hard to come by in southeast Asia. Also oddly enough I have been craving salads, since I feel most of  my meals consist of straight up sodium. So it was a chicken, egg avocado salad for me. There was of course no dressing on it so I just asked for a bit of mayo. I think I miss ranch more than any other condiment here. We did a little bit of shopping and bargained for a small backpack and water bottle holder. After we went down a cute side street filled with food and of course had to stop for some dumplings. They had a couple spots with buffets for as little as $2! But we opted out of eating cold pasta, and were glad we did as we heard people had gotten sick from it.

“Bears can climb faster than they can run, Jim” – Dwight K. Schrute

The next day we took an excursion to the famous Kaung Si Falls waterfall. Our van driver decided to pick up some extra passengers on the way so one person had to sit on a wooden stool for 45 minutes on the windy roads. A bonus to this trip is that there is a bear sanctuary! We enjoyed watching them lounge in the giant hammocks, cool off in the pool, and play fight.


The waters were just as blue as they looked in the pictures. We were told there was a secret pool just a short hike up, it was not such a short hike so I was thankful to have some water to cool off in once we reached the top. It was a beautiful view from up above. After we went back down to be right in the waterfall. It was so refreshing and beautiful. We stumbled upon the biggest spider we have ever seen. It was the size of a salad plate. And it was using it’s web as a plate to feast on a helpless bug.

That night we went out to the one bar that everyone seems to go called Utopia. It is a lot of tables low to the ground surrounded by people sitting on pillows amidst candlelight. There is also a volleyball court. It reminded me of a mix between Psycho Suzi’z and Zorbaz 🙂 The bars close at 11 so after we joined a group we met at the previous city for the only thing that is open after 11 – bowling! I never thought I would end up bowing in another country! I started out with a strike so everyone thought I was this really good bowler (notice my proper technique lol), until I missed a couple times and than it was just like old times 🙂 Regardless it was a fun night!

The next day we took the bus to Chang Mai, Thailand. We started out in a sleeper bus for what was supposed to be 10 hours but ended up being 7 since the bus driver drove so fast. It was so hard to sleep going around the mountains you just kept tossing and turning. Than we were dropped off at our bus stop for what was supposed to be an hour, but because we got there early it was 4 hours! Not to mention it was cold out (now 60 is cold to me), so we had to bundle up in our warmest close (now I’m sure glad I brought my northface fleece that takes up half my bag), and we watched some movies on the lap top. Than we had to get on a 5 hour shuttle, thankfully I was able to sleep the whole time since I was hardly able to sleep in the bus. Needless to say it was not fun, but Chang Mai was. Stay tuned for our next post on this location.