Chang Mai, Thailand

It was nice to get back to Thailand – mainly for the Pad Thai 🙂 We were also so happy to be back in Thailand to use our data plan again! Before we left we got a month to month T-mobile plan that lets us use our phones abroad. However it did not work in Laos or Vietnam so it was nice to have access again whenever we needed it. So we took advantage of our phones working by ordering an uber as it was cheaper than a taxi. The uber driver asked that one of us get in the front seat, as they said Taxi drivers hate Uber drivers and he didn’t want to make it obvious.

Night market hippie bar

We stayed at Brick House hostel. We were very happy our room was on the first floor right next to the pool! It was a nice soft bed with a nice and thick duvet and big bathroom with separate sink area for me to get ready! And bonus – they had a blowdryer. It’s the little things in life 🙂 The pool was freezing so we never actually got in, but it was nice to put our feet in since it was so hot. There was even a work out area. We talked how we should work out, but we never actually did. Typical. We went to dinner at the night market at an Indian stand and enjoyed chicken tikka masala, and I was so happy to have some hummus as I’m used to having this daily back home. We had an early night since we had to get up early for a very fun tour in the morning.

GPExportPhoto (2)
Look at that trunk!

The next day all of our dreams came true. We got to feed and play with Elephants! Did you know Elephants only sleep about 4 hours a day so they spend most of their lives eating –  up to 600 pounds of food per day! We started out feeding them for bananas, and they went bananas! See what I did there 🙂 I was scared at first cause they are not shy. And their trunks look like tentacles up close! I can’t remember the names of most of the elephants, but the one I do remember was Peter but his nickname was “Naughty Boy”. His nickname suited him as he was the only boy of the pack, 3 years old, and liked to run wild!

Elephant trying to cool us off

Next we went down to the water to watch the Elephants cool off. They even helped cool us off by blowing water at us!

After we had lunch and than learned how to make “medicine balls” for the Elephants. They separated the girls and the boys. The boys chopped up wood into small pieces while the girls mashed together bananas and rice. Apparently the wood has good nutrients in it and we mixed it into the bananas and rice mixture to form balls. It reminded me of making meatloaf. We got to feed each elephant one ball.

Mud bath time!

Next we got to bring the elephants to the “spa.” Really it was a giant mud puddle in which we lathered them with mud. They were loving it! The workers also made sure we got our fair share of a mud bath too 🙂

Next of course we had to go to the pond to rinse off the elephants as well as ourselves. I never wanted to get out of the water as it was too much fun! Check out a GoPro Video of the whole day by using this link:  Elephant Sanctuary GoPro Video


That night we went back to the night market with a group of people from the hostel. This time we got dumplings and 1 large spring roll. Than I made the bad decision of getting a spicy pork noddle soup and just like the last time I had a spicy soup I got sick the next day and pretty much had to lay in bed all day. I was feeling better at night so we went to a different night market and Rob got a burrito but I could hardly eat it. Rob also got some amazing ice cream! He was so excited to eat it but I only had a few bites. But I did enjoy partaking in Karaoke that night! Finally a Karaoke place that wasn’t just a private room, but 1 large room like back home. I of course had to sing my typical Bohemian Rhapsody!

The next day left for the infamous Pai. A city that everyone claims is their favorite and raves about. It was quite the winding shuttle ride. Read our thoughts on Pai on our next post!