Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Our love for Thailand all began 3 years ago this very month when we visited for the longest vacation we had ever taken – 1 1/2 weeks. I remember we stayed a very nice hotel called the Kee Resort Hotel, we looked at staying their again but prices have doubled since we were last here and we are on budget so this time we stayed at Rico’s hotel for just $27 a night and was a great location right on the main drag.


Hearing we fell in love with this location may come to a surprise to some avid Thailand travelers as it is a very touristy area, but part of the reason we fell in love with it is because of the tours we went on to Maya Bay and Phi Phi Island. It was some of the most beautiful places I had ever seen and some of the best food we had ever had! We actually went back to the same restaurant for dinner back in a little alleyway for the same meal of pad thai and spring rolls. This alley had no tourist the last time we visited and it hadn’t changed since. Almost everyone eating were locals that appeared to be getting ready to work.

The next day we laid at the beach, and watched the parasailing at sunset. Notice the guy who hops onto the strings as they take off- can’t say I would want that job! I have been on a mission to find jean shorts since we got here and have tried on many pairs to only feel like a giant as they always have to riffle through their stack to find the largest size since Asians are so tiny! Finally I found a pair that fit! I was also able to negotiate for a fun toy I have been wanting – a karaoke microphone! I can’t wait to whip this out at the next get together 🙂

At the beach for sunset

Patong has a great nightlife. There is one main road lined with bars and clubs. Although be warned – it can be a bit scantily clad with many girls dancing on poles right on the main road and lady boys everywhere so this is definitely not a city for everyone! We ran into some girls we had met all the way back in Cambodia. We enjoyed going to the bars where they sing live music and even let you get on stage for a little bit of the action! It was fun to go back to experience the place we fell in love with Thailand. Now instead of taking a tour to Phi Phi island, we decided to stay a couple nights! Read about the beautiful island of Koh Phi Phi next.