Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Although we had visited Phi Phi before on a tour, I didn’t recognize it as the area of the island we stayed at was different than the one we visited. I loved that we could walk from the ferry dock to our room since the town is so small. You can only get around by foot, kayak or taxi boat. After checking into our room we went to grab a snack and eat on the beach. We found a great place near the beach called Bake with a whole pizza for just $2! Beware there are lots of pizza shops by the slice that just heat up the pizza in the microwave – not good. Only go to the pizza places with pizza ovens!

The worlds largest litter box! 

We knew we were going to like this island right away because of the small town feel, lively nightlife, and of course all the cats; they were everywhere! 🙂

That night, well pretty much every night, it rained pretty much on the dot from 6-8 p.m. which worked great for us because that’s usually when we will take a nap, or work on the blog or I will get some travel agent work done. That night we went to dinner directly across the street from our hostel at a place called Mr. Soda. When this region was hit by a tsunami Mr. Soda, the owner, was trapped under a building. On the sign he thanked his rescuers and dedicates everything he has to them. We were happy to support a restaurant with a good cause. We split an order of massaman curry that was delightful. Mr. Soda was very friendly.

That night we hit the bars on the beach. We enjoyed people attempting to do the double jump rope that was made of lights. There were fire shows. And even limbo at some bars for free shots! The bars in town were trying to recruit people to come to there bar. We met a couple that said it was their first night working, and they had to get a job because they ran out of money while traveling! So if you’re looking for a job here is the place – you can get hired and start working in the same day!

The next day we split a ham and cheese omelette for breakfast. Because water was too expensive ($1.10 – normally it’s about .30) we actually went back to the room to grab our water bottle. We actually do this at a lot of restaurants and they don’t seem to mind. It’s funny on what you think is expensive totally changes when you get used to cheaper pricing.

After we wanted to take a long boat to Monkey Island, but it was also too expensive. So we opted to rent a kayak instead. We asked a couple different locals for pricing until we were able to negotiate down from 500 baht at one location to half that at the next! It pays to ask around! The kayaking was harder than we thought with boats zipping by us creating waves and as you can see in the video above I was doing all the work! 🙂 But after about a 1/2 hour we finally made it.

GPExportPhoto (2)
This monkey was a little thirsty

It was just a tiny beach, not one you could even really lay out on. But the monkeys were there, waiting for us to bring food. But there are signs that read not to feed them, which is too bad considering we just bought peanuts for them. Oh well, more of us to eat! We made sure to cover up our stuff as we know from a trip to Bali, monkeys are little kleptomaniacs! Some people were not so fortunate and as soon as people walked away from their kayaks the monkeys snatched their water bottles, and simply twisted the cap off and guzzled it down like any normal person would. It was hilarious. There was one monkey that tried to come close to me as they like to try to open your bags, but I have learned that just like a dog you need to point and say no very firmly and they will scurry away. Despite their mischievousness we always enjoy watching monkeys scamper about.

IMG_20170402_135744_386 (1)
Beach bum and babe

After struggling to kayak back to our beach I opted for a nap on the beach. After we discovered a road with some less expensive thai restaurants and shared another curry dish. That night while we were both working on our computers in bed and it was pouring rain a cockroach made an appearance. We have been very fortunate not to have seen a cockroach (in our room that is) since the very beginning of our trip. We immediate ran out of the room and followed it with our eyes. At one point it fell on my bag! Luckily it was closed. Once it was near the open door Rob threw a towel at it from the inside to push it out. Finally the coast was clear! Although it did still make it difficult to fall asleep at night.

Needless to say the next day we decided to change hotels. We walked around getting pricing until we found a guest house for about $20. That day there was a pool party that we decided to go to. The pool was massive and right on the ocean! It was at the Ibiza hostel – which I would have loved to stay at but private rooms were around $70! I would suggest staying their in a dorm room as there is a good chance you could have an ocean view. Of course we ended up running into 3 Canadian brothers that we met in Vietnam at the pool party, and soon were playing their favorite game of flip cup in which we ended up meeting a lot of people who decided to join. You know how sometimes you are having such a good time you forget to take pictures? Well today was that kinda day 🙂

We could eat this everyday I think

That night we had easily the greatest western food meal we have had on the entire trip! Baked mac and cheese with hamburger, two pieces of garlic bread, and a nice little salad. It was basically like having a tasty Minnesota hot dish.  I was very excited that they had olive oil to dip our bread in, since I have not seen any olive oil in Asia yet and have missed it! It was at a place called Cosmic that had a great selection of food at very good prices. We were very disappointed that we didn’t discover this sooner then on our last night. Later we went out to the beach again to watch the fire shows and do some dancing with some friends we had made at the pool party.

The next day we took a ferry to the more relaxed island of Ko Lanta. Read more about the fun activities we did there next!