Koh Lanta, Thailand

A friend recommended a nice and cheap bungalow with a pool walking distance to the beach. It was only $15 a night! It was called Lanta Sabai Hotel and Bungalows and had the best wifi connection we have had the entire trip! I highly recommend.

Dogs were separated into different areas based on who their best buds were

We arrived late afternoon and already knew based on research what we wanted to do. We grabbed a taxi to the animal shelter called Lanta Animal Welfare. After being greeted with friendly cats we jumped in on a walking tour. We started in the back where all the dogs were. They told us each dogs name and a little about their background. We were happy to hear many of the dogs are being adopted. We were hoping to take one of the dogs for a walk, but unfortunately we missed walking time. Apparently 9 a.m. is the best time to come if you are interested in walking the dogs.

Smitten with this kitten

We missed the cat section of the tour, but of course we still spent plenty of time playing with them and holding the kittens 🙂


That night we ate dinner at the restaurant on the beach overlooking one of the best sunset we have ever seen!


The next day we went on the four islands tour. We enjoyed snorkeling at each island.

The highlight of the tour was the Emerald cave. It was the first time we had swam through a pitch dark cave in order to arrived to a “hidden” beach on the other side.

The cave and beach inside were very crowded with other tour groups which was to bad, but that still didn’t take away from the coolness factor of the cave and the journey to the beach. We even learned that pirates used to hide their treasure inside the cave on the beach in secret. We didn’t see Captain Jack Sparrow anywhere though 😦

The next day we took a 4 hour shuttle to Krabi. We were a little upset as we were told the shuttle would take us directly to our hotel, but the shuttle driver instead dropped us off at a bus station. Just one of the many miscommunication’s that is bound to happen when traveling.

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