Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is a big diverse province in Thailand. We decided to stay in the busy part of area called Ao Nang Beach. We were very impressed with our hotel called White Sands. It was very centrally located, had a nice big clean room, and a rooftop pool all for only $18 a night!

Our pub crawl names for the night

The first night we decided to go on a pub crawl, since we weren’t staying at a hostel, we knew it would be a great place to meet people – and not to mention get a free shirt! Not gonna lie, the highlight of my night was the free buffet including spaghetti, salad, mashed potatoes and chicken kebobs – yummmmm! We were than labeled with our names on our arms. I was of course Jenny from the block. Rob was Rab, since that’s how everyone else hears it. The drinking games turned to dancing and it was a really fun night!

Great view from the pool

The next day was somewhat cloudy so we would go to the pool until it would rain, than go back to our room, went back again until it rained again. Welcome to rainy season 🙂

Missing American food…

That night I came across a menu with ranch dressing on a buffalo chicken salad and I was insistent that I needed to have it because I miss ranch so much. After we sat down we learned the salad was no longer on the menu. We decided to take a risk and get a burger and fries (we normally don’t trust burgers from other countries), which they said came with ranch. Of course it didn’t taste like ranch it was more of a garlic aoli, and of course the Australian beef burger in no way compared to the burgers back home, but the fries were delish!

20170407_120313 (1)
rock climbers haven

The next day we hopped on a long boat to visit the peninsula that you can’t get to by car. We went to Tonsai beach for 100 baht since it was the cheapest. It was a very rocky beach, known for rock climbing. It was also the most quiet beach.

It took about a 15 minute hike through the jungle to get to the next beach, Railey beach. It was a beautiful white sand and filled with many people. After our hot hike we immediately jumped into the water to cool off.


After relaxing for a bit we decided to walk through the town to see the other side of the peninsula. It took about a 15 minute walk to reach Phra Nang Cave Beach, and it was totally worth it. We have been to many beaches in our life, but I must say this was the most beautiful with it’s surrounding rock formations.

Yes, those are exactly what you think they are…

It was also quite unusual as there were a bunch of phallus’s inside the caves and locals bowing down to them. Apparently this is the Princess Cave and people bring in statues of penises and pray to them to encourage fertility.

We made a very hard/big decision during this time. We changed our plans to fly home (on this day) as we were planning on traveling central America for a couple months. Instead we decided to extend our flight here in order to see more of Southeast Asia. So after changing our tickets to return on June 5th, we also booked our tickets to India! We wanted to stay in Thailand for the Songkran Thai new years festival and The full moon party was coming up and we met new people who were going so we decided to go again! See how round two of the full moon party went next.