The Full Moon Party (part 2)

We had no intention of going back to the Full Moon party again, but considering I had the medical condition the first time, we stayed in a crappy hostel, and were trying to pass the time to make it to the Songkran Festival on April 13th we decided why not?!

Our hostel pool by night

This time we booked the Lazy House Shenanigans hostel about a 10 minute walk to Haad Riin. Each private room was an iconic rock artist. We opted for Jimmy Hendrix. Our room was very nice, but on the downside we did discover 2 cockroaches. Both of which Rob was brave enough to kill – my hero πŸ™‚ Thankfully after that they didn’t mess with us anymore! The best part of our hostel was the pool! We spent more of our days there πŸ™‚


The first day we opted to go to a different beach, since we had only been to Haad Riin beach last time and weren’t that impressed. The hotel owner suggested a beach located behind Coco Hut Village. It was very nice and quiet. We were greeted with a picture perfect swing that I of course had to get my photo on. There were chairs from the resort that we used and pulled right up into the water. At one point no one was in the water so it felt like our own private beach. Later we walked down the beach and found some comfy bean bag chairs under chairs that we both took our afternoon naps on.

Dinner and a movie

The next days were spent hanging out by the pool, and enjoying our favorite pad thai and kebob wraps and dancing the night away. One of my favorite restaurants was the cinema grill where they played movies all day (wish I would have known about this place last time when the weather was rainy). We enjoyed fish and chips while watching “Get Him To the Greek.”

Finally the Full Moon Party was upon us. I enjoyed getting painted in glow in the dark paint at our hostel. Than we initiated some flip cup, and before you knew it we had a group of friends going to the party with us (mainly Canadians- they are sooo nice)! We made our way to the beach and it was already packed with people dancing. One of the things I do like about the full moon party is you can go to whichever bar plays the music you like! Thankfully we settled on a bar with hip hop and pop music. We grabbed a drink bucket and danced the night away. I’m really glad I was able to have a do-over for this party and actually be able to smile for pictures this time!


Next stop Bangkok to celebrate the Thailand New Year! Only a 2 hour ferry and 12 hour bus ride to go!