Kochi, India

We didn’t arrive to India until midnight. Upon arrival we noticed we were quite the spectacle being stared at by the locals, we were told that white people can be somewhat of a novelty in India. We were picked up by our hotel shuttle, our driver even had a sign with Rob’s name on it – fancy! When we arrived to our hotel we were put in a room with no air conditioning, even though the room we purchased online said AC was included. So we went back down to the front desk. They switched us to a room with AC and said we would have to discuss getting out of charges with the manager tomorrow. The other odd thing was when we asked what time check out time was the receptionist just bobbled his head and said afternoon, about 24 hours from check in. That was a first! The next day we didn’t check out until around 2 p.m. since we arrived so late. We spoke with the manager who advised we did not have to pay extra for the AC since we showed him the email that said it was included. I was happy to be in a country that has good customer service! We than ate at the restaurant in the hotel. Rob had eggs and I had hard boiled eggs in a curry sauce that was delicious! After we took an Uber to Kochi which was over an hour away and only costs $14!

Our lovely little cottage

We were happy to see how cute our home stay was upon arrival. The couple whose home it was very nice. It was so hot upon arrival we went to our room to turn on the AC to cool off for a bit.

20170416_174118 (1).jpg
Kids playing cricket

Across from our home stay were a group of kids playing cricket. We attempted to understand the game without much luck. Upon exiting the gate Rob was stung 4 times by wasps! So we went to a store to get ice, but they didn’t have any so the owner gave us ice cream. We tried to pay him, but our bills from the ATM were too large so he said just to come back when we had change to pay him. We were surprised at how trusting he was! So we went back to our hostel and they loaned us some smaller bills rupees to get by.

The beautiful Catholic Church right by our cottage

It was Easter Sunday and we were hoping to catch a service at the beautiful Catholic church in town, but unfortunately they only had morning services and it was afternoon now.

Feeling like a celebrity

We decided to walk the town. We first went to the ocean where all the girls were wearing beautiful dresses called Saris. I noticed a lot of people staring at us as we were one of the very few non Indian people – that and we were the only people wearing shorts. Some teenage boys came up to me asking if they could take a picture with me. I found it hilarious. I was told this isn’t too uncommon in the smaller towns as they are not used to seeing very many white people. I happily obliged.

There was also another local following us around the beach and town – a Dog. He followed us for about 30 minutes all the way from the beach to our homestay and we never even fed him! It was fun having him as our “pet” for the time being.

Loved all the dogs on the beaches

We decided to grab some snacks at the stand. I was thrilled to see that they had olives, only to find that they did not taste good they were quite mushy so that was disappointing. We decided to grab a common snack that we saw which was mango with chilli spice on top – it was bitter but tasty! We watching the sunset and famous Chinese fishing nets catching sea food.

Delicious tandoori meal

That night we shared a traditional Indian Tandoori meal. It was a mix of curries, beans, veggies in a yogurt sauce and bread to dip in it. Delicious! There wasn’t much to do after dinner considering we were in a small town with no bars, and no sports bar so Rob wasn’t able to watch Chelsea play soccer. So that meant going back to our room while we watched a movie in bed.


The next day we went on a river boat tour. We were picked up by a shuttle with no air conditioning and not enough room so I had to go to the back of the shuttle and sit between two people, white Rob sat in the front and than we picked up another girl who he had to share a chair with. Needless to say it was not a fun 45 minute drive. Rob and I were dropped off at a different spot than the rest of the group so we were fortunate enough to get front row seats in the boat. The guy rowing us was such a hard worker! He had to push us with a long stick for about 3 hours around the river!

One of our stops we stopped to learn about all the spices that they grow. Everything from nutmeg, coriander, curry, and more! We also learned how they created the rope that are used on the boats we rode out of coconuts!


Next stop was my favorite – lunch! I loved that our plates were big banana leaves! They served us rice with various dipping sauce which were very yummy. We ate in the traditional way Indians do with our hands. All the different sauces they gave us made the food taste amazing! It was a long, slow ride back in the sun so it made me sleepy so I took a nice long nap among many others on the boat.

That night we went to bed early as we were catching a morning city bus to the city of Munnar. Read more about this beautiful city next!