Bangalore, India

I have been very frustrated with the Internet in India. But now that we were in the capital I.T. city we had a couple days to get some work done! We decided to get a hotel with a pool since it was forecast to be hot – apparently we are here the hottest time of the year and this is why there aren’t many other tourists around. Ironically we never used the pool. But we loved our hotel room. It had everything we were looking for. A soft bed, air conditioning, and hot water! We were happy to be able to check in at 6 a.m. when our bus arrived to get some sleep in a nice comfy bed. Not to mention they woke us up for breakfast – so really we got 2 breakfasts even though we only stayed one night!

Bangalore Palace

When we awoke at noon we decided to go see the Palace. We took an Uber to see this beautiful castle looking building. Our friend who lives here recommended using Uber over Tuk Tuks and cabs as it was less expensive. It only cost $4 to drive almost an hour – and bonus, it includes air conditioning! It was perfect timing because it had just started to rain. We did an audio tour and learned the palace was inspired by Windsor palace in England, among many other facts that I won’t spoil for you.

20170420_170114 (1)
Commercial Street shopping area

After we went to a popular shopping area called Commercial Street. We were literally the only tourists – although this was a common trend on the trip as a whole. We went into some shops as I was looking for a long skirt to wear as anything above you knees is immodest here. But everything cost about the same price at home, so I decided to make the clothes I have work. So basically I have been wearing the same 2 dresses I have the whole time. I don’t know how people here can wear pants everyday in this 90 degree weather!

Out for a great meal with friends

That evening we went out to dinner with our friend who live there. It was at a vegetarian restaurant in the Phoenix Mall. We were shocked to see the mall had our favorite fast food restaurant – Taco Bell! Although, we never got the chance to try it. They brought out all these sauces and put them in the many silver bowls on our platters. Than they served bread and rice to dip it in. It was very flavorful – everything from curries to sweet sauces. I tried lassi for for the first time which is like a yogurt drink, the mango flavor was very tastey. They served some kind of milk drink that I did not like. It was so nice having our friends there to tell us what we were eating. It was our first time in a vegetarian restaurant and I must say we were quite impressed!

Our first Bollywood movie

The next day we checked out of our hotel room and went to meet our friend at her apartment. The beauty of jobs in India is it sounds like they are quite flexible as to what time you want to come in, and if you leave in the afternoon, you can come back and work in the evening. Our friend (whom Rob used to work with) ordered in some Indian food for us. Even though I don’t usually like cauliflower, this one was battered and fried and served with some hot spices and sauce that quickly became my favorite dish in India so far! We also watched a Bollywood film called Bajranji Bhaijaan. Even though it was in Hindu it did have subtitles and it was a really good movie! It even had us in tears by the end. I highly recommend watching!

We took an Uber to the airport which took almost 2 hours even though it was only 26 miles. Traffic is terrible here. We were happy to have a lounge to relax in and get some free food before our flight with out Chase credit card 🙂 When we boarded the plane to Goa at 11:30 p.m. we fell asleep immediately and when we awoke an hour later it felt like it had only been about 5 minutes. We decided to stay at an airport hotel. It was pretty sketchy looking on the stairways up. But once we got to the room it was decent. We didn’t even care that they gave us a room with two twins. We were too tired to complain. Read about the beautiful beach town of Goa next!