Palolem, India

After seeing the north side of the state of Goa in Baga, we went to a beach about an hour south which is considered the “chill” side. That description fit it perfectly. Once again we showed up without a place to stay. Rob was nice enough to walk up and down the beach bargaining at beach bungalows while I waited with our luggage at a restaurant enjoying an ice cold chocolate shake viewing the beach.

And this is what he found! A 2 room beach bungalow suite right on the water for $30 a night! There isn’t much to write in this blog, because we didn’t do a whole lot! This beach was much different than Baga as there were more tourists, and the beach was much smaller, but oh so relaxing.


I tried to work on the blog and my job as a travel agent, but the wifi didn’t work the best here. We enjoyed sitting on our beachfront porch and reading and writing. Rob is writing a book, and I thought of a musical! It was the perfect setting to get our creative juices flowing.

Trying to make it over the top

When we would get too hot we would get in the water and try to keep from drowning in the big waves. We were wishing there was a spot for us to rent surf boards as the waves were the perfect size for beginners. We did see people with boogie boards and attempting to kayaking which was practically impossible to get through the waves.

The best part about this trip was we didn’t have to wear shoes for 3 days! We would walk to breakfast in our bare feet, and have dinner by candlelight on the ocean with our feet buried in the sand.

One of the things we loved about this beach was the amount of dogs! We may have kept going to the same restaurant because there were 3 adorable puppies there 🙂

The beach is our favorite place so it was hard to leave. But we knew there is so much more to see in this big country.  Read about our next stop in Mumbai!

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