Agra, India

I know you all recognize this famous featured image of the Taj Mahal. Funny thing is I never actually knew what it was until coming here. It’s actually a testament of true love, as it was built as a tomb to house the emperor’s favorite wife (as they had many back in the day).


I was memorized as I saw it. I couldn’t believe we were actually here. We had a tour guide show us around. One of the things I remember the most was the marble flowers inside of the building would glow if a light was placed near them, and these colorful pieces were imported from all over the world. It was amazing how much detail was put into this tomb. `


Of course it wouldn’t be a stop in India without my photo being taken. These ladies were particularly excited, which was quite entertaining 🙂
Our transportation from the Taj Mahal back to our taxi was this horse and buggy for just 50 rupees (or 80 cents). 

To be honest there wasn’t much more to do in this town, and we had a nice hotel so we went back to relax and enjoy the air conditioning. The next day we went back to Dehli for our last night in India.