Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

It was always my dream to go on a safari. Little did I know we would be fortunate enough to go on 2 in one year! Although, this one was significantly less expensive than the one in Botswana, and just as exciting! The Safari started bright and early at 4:30 a.m.

The main reason we chose to go to Yala National Park versus Udawalawe is because Yala is known for leopards – and we were lucky enough to see 2! One was even about 30 feet away drinking out of a pond!

We also saw quite a few Elephants. My favorite was a family of 4 with what looked like a baby and teenager who were very playful.

One of our favorite tv shows is “Unlikely Animal friends.” This Water buffalo and bird seemed like an unlikely duo, but the water buffalo didn’t seem to mind the bird hanging out on his back 🙂 We saw many other animals including antelope, rabbit, and water buffalo. Rob’s favorite quote from our safari by me was “I love safari’s because they are adventures I can stay seated for.” I am very lazy 🙂

That evening not to far from our hotel was over thousands of bats just hanging out in the trees. At sunset they all took off – it was quite the site!

The next day as we were leaving the hotel there happened to be a wedding going on at the hotel! I really wanted to take a picture but wasn’t sure if it would be rude so I didn’t. Everyone was dressed so beautifully. As much as I didn’t want to take the city bus again we decided to do it anyways to save money. Unfortunately, this time we weren’t able to get seats so we had to stand for almost 2 hours! We were very happy to go to Ella not only because it’s beautiful, but because of the drop in temperature to a high of 75 which felt incredible. Read about Ella next!