Gili Islands, Indonesia

We were in Bali, Indonesia 3 years ago for our 5 year anniversary. We stayed in a luxurious hotel in a villa with a private pool. Considering we are now on a budget of about $30 we opted not to do that this time – although I highly recommend it for those of you going on a normal week long vacation as it’s only around $100 a night! Our first night we stayed in Kuta at a hostel that wasn’t very nice or lively as we had hoped. We had enough time to go to the beach, which I wasn’t that impressed with it’s dark sands and water. The mall was close by was expensive. And there were many touristy shops, which really turned me off. We were supposed to stay for 3 nights, but we were both ready to get out of there after 1 so we payed a little extra to get out of the 3 nights so we could move on the next day to the Gili Islands. And I’m sure glad we did!

Such amazing sunsets here

It was exactly how I hoped with bright blue waters and white sand. I was also happy to be on an island that didn’t allow motorized vehicles. Our hotel was in the middle of the island so we had to take a horse and buggy to get to it. Upon arrival we bumped into some girls that we had met all the way back in Pai, Thailand! We decided to walk to the one side of the island with sunset, and it was beautiful!

That night we decided to go out on the town as it’s known for it’s night life. While out we also bumped into another girl from Wisconsin we had met back in Pai! It was fun to see a familiar face and join a group to dance with. We were having so much fun before you knew it was practically morning! Needless to say we slept most of the next day, and did everything over again.

Enjoying the beach life

We decided to change hotels after the 2nd night seeing as it took about 20 minutes for us to walk into the main stretch of town. We decided to stay at Gili Divers as it was right on the beach and close to town. It was a very clean hotel with lots of great amenities like free downloaded movies in the room 🙂 We spent the next week enjoying the beautiful blue beach right out our front door.

One day we went on an snorkeling excursion to all 3 of the Gili Islands. We made multiple stops and had a blast floating around. We were very happy to get to see Sea Turtles!

These little cuties

There were also a bunch of baby turtles on the island that were being taken care of until they were ready to be released to the wild. It was so much fun watching them swim around and play.

Biking around the island

Another day we rented bikes to ride around the island. We were going to go all the way around until we got stuck in some thick sand and had to turn around and go through the island instead. We went back to see the beautiful sunset one more time.

During our time on the beach I finished reading the book “I am Malala” which I highly recommend. It made me extremely thankful to live in a free country. I also became very homesick during this time. I spent a lot of time thinking and talking about all the things I can’t wait to do when I get home.

With one week left until we were to go home we took a ferry to the island of Lombok. We were going to stay a night, but it was so rainy and looked like it was going to stay that way so instead we opted to go to Malaysia where we are flying home from. After spending one night by the airport it was a long journey to Borneo, Malaysia with 3 flights. Stay tuned for our next post on the cute furry creatures we saw!