Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is the city where our trip began and where it would end. I was thankful we had been here before so we didn’t feel obligated to do any sightseeing, but instead could just relax and do the things we enjoyed for 4 days before we go back home to reality.


At some point during the trip we saw a facebook posts from some friends who went here and stayed at an awesome place with a rooftop pool and a great view of the city. We HAD to stay there so we booked the same place which was an Airbnb at the Regalia Residence. We loved our little studio apartment and kept commenting on how this is similar to what we would want to live in if we were to move to downtown Minneapolis. Our first stop was to the grocery store so we could get stuff to make breakfast and lunch the next day. I can’t believe we haven’t been grocery shopping, cooked, or cleaned dishes in 4 months! Not gonna lie I have missed cooking, but I have NOT missed doing dishes. It’s going to be a harsh reality lol.

Regala Suites Infinity pool

The next 2 days were spent at the pool, and it was wonderful.

Petaling Street Market

At night we would go shopping! We used Uber while we were here as it was so cheap costing around only $1 to get to the city 15 minutes away. Although we spent a lot of time (2 times it was over an hour) waiting for them as they would often mix our exit and couldn’t figure out how to get to the apartments. At one point we actually had to walk to the mall just 5 minutes away to meet a driver. We went to 3 different malls, and 3 different flee markets in our time here. It wasn’t until the last day that we actually bought anything – Rob got a pair of brown leather shoes and I got a pair of glittery Nike tennis shoes that actually took quite a lot of work getting considering they were only at one market and they didn’t have my size so we had to wait a half hour while they went and found them! We bargained to get the 2 pairs for only $35!

On Saturday night some new friends we had met in Sepilok (just before this trip), met us out at a restaurant in Bukit Bintang where the nightlife is. It was basically a triple date with 3 couples. Although they were from all over the world, they are currently living in Abu Dhabi; 3 of them working for Etihad Airlines and 1 as a musician. We enjoyed talking about flight benefits and all the crazy places we had been, and hearing more about Abu Dhabi. Sounds like a place we will have to add to our list! After some drinks and dancing before you knew it it was 3 a.m. and our last night was over.

The Face Suites Infinity pool

The next day we had to check out of our place by 12 but our flight wasn’t until 2 a.m.! So thankfully our new friends let us put our luggage at their place – The Face Suites. Which was even nicer than ours! The view of the Petronas Towers from their infinity pool was incredible. We went out to lunch at a Korean restaurant. After they went to see the Batu Caves, but we have already seen them before so we opted to do some last minute shopping. My main priority was getting my eyelashes done as I have become an addict on this trip. We ended up finding a small mall where I was able to get it done for just $20!

The last supper with new friends

That night we went out to dinner with our new friends at a great Chinese restaurant called Opium. It reminded me of an Asian version of Psycho Suzie’s with their fun drinks and creative dishes. We enjoyed many delicious appetizers with some great company. It was the perfect end to our trip.

There is just too much to say about this trip, so I will save that for the next blog.