London…minus the stuff you know

My husband has been to London several times. He loves it so much he would move, to which I replied “If we move to London I WILL leave you for someone with a British accent.” So we haven’t moved… yet πŸ™‚ But it is a favorite spot for us to visit and I know we will be back!

A classic picture spot by Big Ben

One of the convenient parts of London is that there are direct flights from Minneapolis! Once in London it is very easy to get around via the Tube. Of course there is the must see sights – Tower of London, Big Ben, London Eye, and Buckingham Palace. But I’m here to tell you about some not so famous places to visit!

Any excuse to say “A spot of tea” while in London

When in London it is a must to go out for afternoon tea, and what better place to do it than a secret tea room! It is call Soho’s Secret Tea Room. We followed our map to a pub called The Coach and Horses right by the Palace theater. We found ourselves at a bar not really knowing where to go to find the tea room. Turns out the tea room really is a secret it is up a small staircase hidden behind the bar that you don’t know is there at all unless you ask. Luckily they were able to squeeze us in (I recommend making reservations). Upon entering it felt like my childhood tea parties had come to life. It was everything I dreamed it would be. Ornate china teapots and cups. Darling trays covered in desserts. We enjoyed 2 pots of tea and some small treats. If was a delightful afternoon.

A perfect place on a rainy day

If anyone knows me they know I am very anti chain restaurants. And I noticed the first time I went to London that the menu starting looking the same at a lot of the pubs we went to. Turns out they were all owned by the same people! So I started avoiding those pubs. We discovered a quaint pub called Mr. Fogg’s Tavern. We enjoyed some delicious fish and chips, smoked sausages and croquettes on a rainy afternoon. Although I hear that the Sunday roast is quite popular in London, so I may have to come back for that πŸ™‚ The tavern is also very close to main of the London theaters so if you are taking in a show this could be a nice stop for dinner or drinks.

A Chinatown stroll

Also very close to the theaters of London it is always fun to stroll through Chinatown. The signs begin to change to Chinese characters slowly until you are right in the heart of it. There is yummy food at every turn. Dim Sum for some Chinese dumplings is never a bad choice πŸ™‚

Cahoots a must stop

At night we discovered a very swanky bar that is also hidden similar to the tea room – apparently we like to go places that are hard to find. Cahoots was like stepping back in time. You start at what looks like a train station, and proceed downstairs to be greeted with 40’s music and services dressed like the actual decade! All of the furniture and decorations are made to feel like you are sitting in a post war era tube car. Even the menus were designed as newspapers that you could sit in your train car and read. We highly recommend a few delicious cocktails here before hitting the town for a night out.

At Stamford Bridge home of Chelsea Football Club

Another reason that Rob loves London is for Football. And not America Football…real football (or soccer as we call it). On our last trip to London we were lucky enough to see our favorite team Chelsea playing in the FA Cup tournament. We had an amazing day making friends over a few pints before the match at the pub and then watching Chelsea cruise to a 4-0 win. There are plenty of teams to go see in the London area at multiple levels of competition. Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, and Crystal Palace all play in the London area and are currently playing in the top league, the Premier League. Take an afternoon or evening and try and attend a match. It is a very fun cultural experience.

There is so much more to experience in London than just this. I am sure after writing this I will remember a multitude of other amazing things that I should have added. It is a city unlike any other so grab an umbrella, get on your comfy shoes, and explore and experience the amazing things that London brings!