Valparaiso, Chile


From Santiago we took a few hour bus ride to Valparaiso – an old fishing town converted to this city of art. We stayed at The Allegretto bed and breakfast that looked like an old Victorian house.

We joined a free walking tour where we got to ride a cable car to this cool artistic “playground.”


One of my favorite stories we heard on this tour was the story of a man who was painting the steps to look like piano keys, and because he didn’t have permission and this was government property he was sent to jail. The people were mad that he didn’t get to complete it, so they released him to let him complete painting the steps. They still repaint these steps to this day to keep it intact. On this walking tour we met someone else from Minnesota! So we made plans to join her and her Australian boyfriend to tour a nearby city for the day.

Best Empanadas EVER! 

We found the best empanadas on this walking tour at a little place called Delicias Express. They were nice and greasy fresh from the pan. Our favorite was chicken, cheese and basil.


That night I was on a mission to find seafood, as this is what this city is known for. We found a restaurant where we could get a 3 course meal. Of course all meals here start with bread and salsa. I had ceviche for my app and I tried a fish I hadn’t heard of called called Pippin. It was a very light fish, and paired greatly with the buttery mashed potatoes.


The next morning we ate breakfast at our place. I was relieved to hear breakfast was from 9- 11 a.m. so I could go at 10:30 as I am NOT a morning person. Apparently the earliest any restaurant opened in this city was 8 a.m. – this was my kinda town. Our breakfast consisted of tea, coffee, juice, bread and jelly – basically all sugar.


The next day we took the bus to Vina del Mar – Valparaiso’s more sophisticated city. Our biggest regret is that we didn’t wear our swim swim suit – the weather was cloudy and chilly in the morning so I wore jeans and light long sleeve shirt. I was very thankful I wore a tank top underneath as I kept having to take my shirt on and off due to being hot and cold.

Our new friends from Australia and Minnesota!

We met up with our new friends and walked the beach. After eating only bread, potatoes and meat for the past couple days I was craving some veggies. We found a great spot for lunch right on the beach and I had the best salad of my life with shrimp, avacado, and a lemon vinaigrette. Needless to say at the end of the day we were both sunburnt. Travel 101 – always wear sunscreen even if it’s cloudy and cold.


To get out of the sun we found a luxurious Casino! So I decided to test out my luck. I’m a blackjack girl, and everything was pretty similar to back home besides the chips were a larger rectangle shape. Needless to say my luck did not follow me to Chile and I was out $20 😦

Follow the ants to get to the candy store!

We headed back to Valparaiso and had a nice siesta. After we followed this painting of ants along the sidewalk which we learned about on our walking tour which led to a candy shop – unfortunately it was closed 😦

We decided to try to find a place to watch sunset. We saw this cute rooftop was a part of a hostel so we knocked and I asked in Spanglish if we could go to the rooftop. They said it’s normally only for guests but of course we could! They offered us wine for purchase, and it was accompanied with crackers and cookies – BEST. Although it wasn’t a direct view of the sun it was a beautiful view of the water.


After we met our friends for dinner around 10 p.m. – another thing I love about this country you eat late and you sleep in! We decided to go a cool hipster looking burger joint. Normally we are a little apprehensive about trying burgers in other countries as American burgers are pretty dang tasty – but it was pretty good!

The next day we took the bus back to Santiago and took a plane to Patagonia. Read about this post next!