Mumbai, India

I was very wary of going to Mumbai because I have heard a lot of negative things. One of them being that people go to the bathroom (both number 1 and 2) right on the street, so therefore it would smell terrible. The other one was that it is so polluted that the inside of my nose would turn black. Thankfully I didn’t find either … Continue reading Mumbai, India

Munnar, India

I had to wake up Rob upon seeing the rolling hills of Munnar as they were too beautiful to sleep through. Plus that did mean we were almost there. We were fortunate enough to find a hotel for only $15 a night in the town! Unfortunately, it was on the 4th floor with no elevator – but nothing we haven’t experienced before! We were thrilled … Continue reading Munnar, India

Kochi, India

We didn’t arrive to India until midnight. Upon arrival we noticed we were quite the spectacle being stared at by the locals, we were told that white people can be somewhat of a novelty in India. We were picked up by our hotel shuttle, our driver even had a sign with Rob’s name on it – fancy! When we arrived to our hotel we were … Continue reading Kochi, India